Tuesday, December 16, 2014

“A Kidnapped Santa Claus” by L. Frank Baum Reading Questions

1.  Who is the protagonist?  Who is the antagonist?
 Santa Claus is the protagonist in the story.  The daemons in the story are the antagonist.

2. What is the conflict?
 Santa Claus gets kidnapped.

3.  What is the setting?
The setting is placed in the Laughing Valley and the daemons cave.  It Christmas Eve.

4.  To what genre would you say this story belongs?  Why?
 I would say it would be  a fantasy is because it externalizes internal problems.

5.  What do you notice about Baum’s writing style?  
 It's aimed for kids.  The whole purpose of this story is to teach a lesson.

6.  Who are the Daemons?  How are they labeled?  Why are they named so?
 The daemons are the bad guys.  There is the daemon of selfishness, the daemon of Envy, daemon of Hatred, daemon of Malice, and the daemon of Repentance.  There are named the way they are is because all of their names resemble different kinds of bad emotions and feelings.

7.  What familiar seasonal elements are used in the story?  What unfamiliar elements are there?
 Some of the familiar elements of this story is how Santa Claus still delivers presents on Christmas Eve and how he has his helpers.  The setting is different, the daemons, and the magical helpers.

8.  What are some variations of this story that have been retold in the last few years?
 The Nightmare before Christman, Elf, etc.

9.  Are there any parts of the story that help to define Santa Claus as a character?  Does he make any tough decisions or risk something valuable?
 He forgave them so that shows them that he's a good nature person.

10.  How does Santa escape the cave?
Santa Claus escapes the cave is because the daemon of Repentance sets him free.

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