Monday, February 23, 2015

Reflection Questions on Kate Chopin's "Regret"

1.  The author describes Mamzelle Aurelie as a strong, "ruddy", works hard outside, tomboy, and masculine.  It said that she wore a man's hat, army coat, and topboots. 

2.  The setting is at a farm.  Some clues that would help us was that in the story, it said that there were cows, mules and fowls.

3.  It means that there is a pleasant smell of flowers in the air.

4.  Mamzelle inherited a small band of very small children.

5.  Mamzelle changed emotionally.

6.  Mamzelle doesn't set about the task is because those are her own memories with the children.

7.  Ponto is Mamzelles dog.

8.  Kate Chopin uses the description "She cried like a man" to describe Mamzelle actions is because  it's still describing on who she is.

9.  I feel sorry for her that the children are gone but I think she'll be happy since she'll go back to her everyday life before the children came.

10.  I think the title of the story signifies that she regrets not having kids or not having relationships with men.

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