Monday, February 2, 2015

“The Ransom of Red Chief” Questions

1. What point of view is this story told in, and how do you know?
This story is told in first person.  I can tell this is because the story includes the words "I, me, myself, etc".
2. What reason do Bill and Sam have for kidnapping the boy?
The reason why Bill and Sam have for kidnapping the boy is because they need two thousand dollars more to pull of a fraudulent  real estate deal in western Illinois.
3. What is the boy doing when the two men come upon him?
The boy is throwing rocks at a cat.
4. Why is it ironic that the boy says that he’s “never had such fun in all my life”?
It is ironic that the boy says that he's "never had such fun in all my life" is because a kidnapping should have the completely opposite mood.
5. What is meant by the metaphor that Ebenezer Dorset was “an uptight collection-plate passer and forecloser”? 
He was a miser.
6. What is one example of allusion in this story? Include the page number.
Ebenezer is an allusion to Ebenezer Scrooge, which was another miser.
7. What is ironic about Mr. Dorset’s counteroffer (the note)?
He tells the kidnappers to pay him to take the kid back.
8. What is the central conflict of the story?
The central conflict of this story is the little boy since he's being really annoying to the kidnappers.
9. What does Red Chief’s father think of him? 
The Red Chief's father thinks that he's also very annoying and they are trying to get away from him.

10.  What message about parenting and child-rearing is O. Henry trying to express to     readers? Think about what Red Chief’s dad thinks of him, and why Red Chief     doesn’t want to go home.

O. Henry is trying to say that parents don't enough attention to their kids.
11.  How does O. Henry incorporate humor into this story?  

The kidnappers don't want the kid.  The kid is having fun while being kidnapped.

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